a night out of ten thousand

Recently I read “Treasure Island” by Robert Louise Stevenson for the first time. Whoa. I’m looking forward to reading it to our boys when they get older. One part of the story that gripped me the most was when Jim Hawkins sneaks away from his camp, discovers the ship (the Hispaniola), and decides to risk his life to cut the ship away from anchorage. Leaving his camp of companions was foolish and brave. Going for the Hispaniola alone was just crazy. But his spirit was resolute.

“Down I sat to wait for darkness, and made a hearty meal of biscuit. It was a night out of ten thousand for my purpose. The fog had now buried all heaven. As the last rays of daylight dwindled and disappeared, absolute blackness settled down on Treasure Island.”

It was his time. The opportunity found Jim, and he was willing to risk his life. There could be no better time. I can imagine the adrenaline, the uncertainty, the fear, and the determination that he must have felt.

So I was inspired. I’m looking for that “night out of ten thousand.” What opportunities are finding me?