You may recall from our New Year post that a goal for Laura and me in 2006 is to read through the Bible together. I’ll occassionally write something about this…something that we’re learning and are thinking about. We’re in the middle of Genesis now, and I’ve been learning some things from Abraham’s life.

When Abraham and Sarai were very old, too old to have children, God told them that they were going to have a baby. And they laughed. And I probably would too. (Genesis 17:17; 18:12) I’ve been thinking about how faith begins and grows. And I’ve enjoyed the following thoughts from F. Buechner about this laughter:

“Why did the two old crocks laugh? They laughed because they knew only a fool would believe that a woman with one foot in the grave was soon going to have her other foot in the maternity ward. They laughed because God expected them to believe it anyway. They laughed because God seemed to believe it. They laughed because they half-believed it themselves. They laughed because laughing felt better than crying. They laughed because if by some crazy chance it just happened to come true, they would really have something to laugh about, and in the meanwhile it helped keep them going.” (Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking)