Flying Hungarians

Did you know that Hungarians can fly? No really, they do. This evening, I’ve been reviewing one of our Hungarian language lessons and thought I’d share a little linguistic nugget. The Hungarian word “száll” means “to fly.” Here’s how the word is used (in conjunction with pre-verbs) in everyday life:

“Az ember az autóbuszra utról száll fel.” Word for word, this means, “The person the bus onto street from on flies up.” In plain English…”The person flies up onto the bus from the street.”

“A fiu leszáll az autóról.” Which means, “The boy flies down from off of the car.” We would say, “The boy gets out of the car.”

“A negyes villamosról a hatas buszra száll át.” This means, “He flies off from the number four villamos over onto the number six bus.”

Hungarians just like to fly everywhere. Why not?