Wow, it is really really cold today. It’s definitely not as cold as Russia, but it’s cold enough for me. Someone said it is -18 degrees Celcius.

On my ten minute walk home from the train, I was listening to my nose talk to me. Just before getting off of the train, my nose said “ahhh, it is nice and cozy in here.” I stepped off the train, and my nose said, “WHOA!!!” After walking for 5 minutes, my nose said, “I’m going numb!” And just before I entered our apartment building, my nose said, “I’m going to fall off!!” But don’t worry, we made it home intact.

I haven’t written a blog post in a few days because I’ve been little sick. During the last couple of months we’ve made it our family mission to catch every virus existing within the great Republic of Hungary. Don’t worry, no bird flu! Since Seth started going to preschool, we must have entertained 6 or 7 lovely forms of sickness in our house. This weekend, we’ve experienced a 36 hour virus known for it’s fever, achiness, and general fatigue.

Our family preference is to experience the virus one person at a time. Usually the order is 1) Seth, 2) Jacob, 3) Nathan, 4) Daddy, and 5) Mommy. Interestingly, mommy is usually the last one to catch the family virus. She’s tough! She’s a lean, mean virus fightin’ machine. She’s definitely supermom.