three years old

Jacob turned three years old on January 30th. If you know Jacob, you know that he is full throttle. If he needs to go somewhere, he runs. If he needs to get off of the couch, he jumps. When he plays cars and trucks, there is a crash every few seconds. He never misses a chance to tackle one of his brothers.

Jacob seems to love life. He loves the thrill of the moment. I remember a time this past summer when I took Seth, Jacob and Nathan hiking in VA. We hiked for 45 minutes, and when we arrived to our car, Jacob ran through some grass to get stick that he dropped. He jumped right over a Copperhead snake. The snake rose up into an attack position, and Jacob saw it. He screamed and ran to me crying. Within five seconds, he started laughing about it. He loved the thrill of that moment. He also likes it when I tell that story at bedtime.

We named Jacob after Isaac’s son in the first book of the Bible. In the Bible, Jacob was a “go-getter.” He was a leader, he made things happen, and when he wanted something, he knew how to get it. He stirred up a lot of dust. There was a time in his life though when Jacob wrestled a strange man, and he was severely injured. Possibly for the first time in his life Jacob felt weak and vulnerable. He recognized his humanity, and he clung to God. Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel”, and he impacted the course of events throughtout the entire Bible.

We have dreams for our Jacob. We dream that he will be successful, that he will be a leader, a “mover” and a “shaker.” But also, we dream that he will be in touch with his humanity and with Jesus. We dream that he’ll find a deeper resevoir of energy and life from his Source, from the One who created him. We dream that as he clings to God, he will discover a new “wildness” to life. I can’t wait to see him grow.