Vukovar, Croatia

I had the opportunity (with Tom & Chris from Virginia) to visit Laci & Keri (our Hungarian Friends) who live in Vukovar, Croatia. I was so glad to see Laci and Keri, their community, and their church. I am incredibly encouraged by their lives. They have chosen to live in a difficult place and to serve the Croatian, Serbian, and Hungarian people around them.

In the early 1990’s, Vukovar was crushed by the war with Yugoslavia. As you travel through the city you see buildings, houses, gates, and walls are covered with bullet-holes. Tank shells have blown huge holes in the sides of apartment buildings where people are still living. The fields around the city are marked with dozens of signs indicating the possible location of land-mines.

There’s virtually no one who lives in this city who has not been affected by the brutality of this war. From what I saw and heard I quickly came to believe that this was not a war, but rather, it was an atrocity of ethnic cleansing. For the many surviving individuals and families, the sight of war-torn buildings is a constant reminder of all that happened.

When I see things like this, I have thoughts of doubt, “how could someone like me possibly help?” Someday soon, Laura and I are eager to visit Laci and Keri again, and perhaps we’ll bring some paint, some brushes, some dry concrete, etc… I’ll try to post some pictures soon. Here’s a picture of Laci and Keri!