Police Escort

It was a cold morning, full of sun shine and the anticipation of a great Hungarian language class. Laura and I arrived at the Astoria Metro Station and climbed the stairs to get a hot cup of tea at a small Cűkráda. We only had five minutes to get to class, so we began walking down Muzeum Utca toward the zebra crossing.

As we walked, we noticed that the entire street was blocked with police tape. This went on for 100 meters or so. When we reached the zebra crossing, we noticed a dozen police across the street, with gates blocking off Brody Sándor utca. Our light turned green, and we crossed the street. As we approached Brody Sándor, the road which leads to our laguange school, 7 police officers surrounded us.

The police presence didn’t shake me. I pulled out some of my best Hungarian and said, “we’re going to the Hungarian language school.” I felt confident until he said, “which school and what address?” I said, “that one” and pointed. He said, “give me your passsports.” After studying them for a moment, he called someone on the radio and told them our names. A minute later, he said, “follow that officer.” So we did.

As we walked with the officer toward our school, I noticed 20 expensive black cars arriving in front of the National Muzeum, a few meters away from us. The officer said, “Russian President Putin is arriving now.”

We weren’t technically allowed to look out of our windows for security reasons, but we did, and we saw 6 or 7 guys that looked just like Putin standing next to black cars. After the cars and helicopters left, I learned that Putin is the fourth most well protected man in the world. Do you know who the top three are?