5 years old

Seth turned 5 years old a couple weeks ago! It’s hard to believe it. He’ll be shaving soon. I have to say, he is the perfect big brother for Jacob and Nathan, and the three of them are becoming good friends. They usually operate like a train in the house, going here and there, room to room; Seth is the train-engine and Nathan the caboose.

This has been an amazing year for Seth, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He moved to another country and into a new apartment, started preschool/kindergarten, made new friends, learned to ride a bike without training wheels, and started learning a new language. He’s been surprising us with an occasional Hungarian phrase like Segitség which means “help!”

Seeing Seth learn to write letters and numbers has been so amazingly cool. And lately, he’s really in to dinosaurs! Oooooh I’ve been eagerly waiting for dinosaurs to enter our world. Seth has 8 plastic dinosaurs and he’s given each of them names. The Stegasaurus’ name is “Maggie,” the Triceritops’ name is (use your bottom lip to say this) “Pfdbludd,” and the Megaraptor’s name is “Fluffy.” And then, of course, there is Treeman. He’s our resident superhero flying to save people, and he has an engine on his back with fire shooting out of it. Seth loves a good story, and he tells a good story too.

We took Seth’s name from the beginning of the Bible (Genesis chapter 4). When Adam and Eve gave birth to Seth, their society/community was destructive and hurting. There isn’t very much written about him, but when Seth was born, things changed, and people began to re-experience life and peace. So we have hopes and dreams for our Seth. It’s a dream everyone has really…to be life-givers and peace-makers. Humanity is part of a big story, a big messed-up story, and perhaps Seth can help write (or rewrite) peace and life back into the narrative. I think Treeman is a good start!