Last weekend we went on our first overnight family trip since moving to Hungary! We went to Debrecen (3 hours away) to visit the huge indoor water park called Aquatica Debrecen. It was amazing! The boys swam for 6 hours! There was a big swimming area for children, an area for babies, an area with caves and waterfalls, a “lazy-river” that wasn’t so lazy, a bunch of jacuzzis, and ten water slides. Wow. I think we’ll be returning to this place.

Debrecen is such a nice city. We drove around searching for all of the interesting things, and we found the giant church in the center of town. It is beautiful, and it is surrounded by a very nice brick road. Somehow we found ourselves driving on this brick road by the church, and everyone in that area just stopped walking, turned, and watched us. I got the slight feeling that we shouldn’t have been driving there.

On the way home, we grabbed some pizza in Gyöngyösi (another awesome little town).