possession is 9/10ths of the law

Among a few other important things English speakers want to know when learning a foreign language is the verb “to have” and how to use it. “I have an umbrella.” “You have a cold.” “They had red car.” “He had a great time at the lake.”

What I finally realized today is that this is a passive idea in Hungarian. “The umbrella is had by me.” Or, “there is my umbrella.” I think “tetszik” is the same! “Something is liked by me.” “The shoes which are had by me are liked by me.” “Are they liked by you?”

Van egy pár cipőm. (vagy) Nekünk van egy pár cipőm. Nekem cipőm teszik. Neked cipőm testszik.

Speaking of possession, Kristof has an incredible 32 year old Zsiguli (spelling?). Oh my goodness. This is an amazing sight to behold. The speedometer reminds me of my dad’s old 1970’s model Dodge Dart speedometer! Even now, I can visualize driving my future Zsiguli down Szentendrei ut with the windows roled down and the whole family piled in the back!

Now, I should say that a person shouldn’t purchase a Zsiguli with the hope of becoming cool. A Zsiguli should be a reflection of the “coolness” within. I can also imagine racing stripes and fire painted on the side!