tha fellas

As you may know, Laura went to Bratislava, Slovakia Thursday morning, and I’ve been hanging out with my three boys (tha fellas). Laura really deserves a getaway, and I’m so glad she could go and have a fun time with Debbie and some other friends. The boys are really looking forward to her return on Sunday night…so we can have birthday cake. Today’s Laura’s birthday, and we called her to sing an amazing “version” of “Happy Birthday.”

We went hiking today near János hégy. I think the area is called Normafa. Wow, it is great up there. We hiked (walked through the woods) for three hours. The boys could spend all day in the forest. Bugs, sticks, wild flowers, dirt, fallen trees. What else is there?

A couple hours into our hike, we found some benches. We stopped and had a peanut butter picnic (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter on bannana, peanut butter on apple, peanut butter on everyone’s fingers, peanut butter on everyone’s faces). Seth ate three sandwiches. What in the world!

Well, it isn’t the same without mom around. Just 19 more hours!