answering the “how?” post

Great work Jason! You hit the nail on the head. As you can see in the picture, Nathan has a “motorcycle.” I’m pretty sure that every single Hungarian child has one of these little “motorcycles.”

There are two gears on this bike. In first gear, Nathan pushes himself along one foot at a time…leisurely walking the bike down the sidewalk. Second gear is more like an F-15 taking off of an aircraft carrier. Nathan uses both feet to push himself at the same time, and after about 3 or 4 pushes, he is virtually flying down the sidewalk. When he’s ready to slow down or stop he simply drags his toes behind him.

I’m going to take these shoes to a shoe store and have them repaired. I may ask the shoe repairman to put steel toes on the shoes. I’d love to see the sparks as Nathan cruises through the neighborhood.