Hula Hoop of Fire!

Yesterday, we experienced another amazing piece of Hungarian culture. We drove up to Szentendre and saw the traveling Hungarian circus called “Colorado Cirkusz.” Unfortunately, there was no bearded lady, however, we did see a monkey riding a horse!!!!

I should have counted how many times the boys said “wow.” They loved it! The tent show was 2 hours long and included jugglers, the unicyclists, the lady who twirled balls and cones with her feet, the knife throwing man, the “put the man in a box and shove swords through it” act, and the man who could do a hand-stand on two giant poles.

But what impressed the boys the most was the “hula-hoop of fire!” A lady came out with a bazillion hula-hoops. She hula-hooped every kind of hula-hoop known to man. At one point, she hula-hooped 40 at the same time. For her finale, she ignited the “hula-hoop of fire!”, and the boys went crazy.

If you’d like to read about hula-hooping and find the various world records just click here. You’ll see that in 1987 Roxann Rose hula-hooped for 90 hours without stopping, and that five and a half years ago 2290 Taiwanese people simultaneously hula-hooped for 2 minutes.