the longest Hungarian word

Ok. Ready? The longest Hungarian word is:


At Topher’s challenge, I’m going to attempt to translate/interpret it. To the very best of my Hungarian knowledge, I believe that this word means: “for your oath-like oneness there exists the impossibility of being anti-sanctified.”

Hmmmm. Somehow I don’t think this is even close to the real meaning.

If you read the comment, you’ll see Topher’s excellent translation of this word. In short, the true meaning is: “For your (plural) acts of putting something in the state of being impossible to desecrate.”


Here’s a picture of the boys while going to the airport to pick up granny, grandaddy, and aunt Mary Kay.

This morning we took the HÉV to Batthány tér and hiked up the stairs on Buda Hill. We walked around the old castle district and had lunch overlooking the city. I could never grow tired of that view. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it. 😦