230th anniversary

Today is July 4th, the 230th anniversary of America’s independence as a nation.  Wow, I wish I could sit on the lawn in D.C. and watch the fireworks tonight.


  1. Doesn’t being in Europe overwhelm you with just how young our country really is? I remember being near the Tower of London and seeing a piece of wall that was 1000 years old. We don’t have anything quite like that here!

    It all makes me wonder if we have any sense of this here in the USA. It might give us a little more respect for the rest of the world.

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. In our neighborhood are some 1900 year old Roman ruins (a former settlement, aquaducts, and the remains of a small collesium). This was the NorthEastern most corner of the Roman Empire believe it or not. I travel past these ruins everyday, often not thinking much about them, occasionally trying to imagine the people and families who’ve lived here for over the centuries.

    We have a strong constitution in America (one of the oldest I in the world?). But America is so so young. I think the “melting pot” reality definitely curbs our youthfulness as every nation of the world has had a hand in our development. The question though is how is America truly embracing the ethnic diversity within our borders and embracing the wisdom therein. Anyway…you read my mind Jason.

  3. Last night I got to speak with a woman we know in New Zealand. She was telling me about some of the confusing things that happen over there and they still happen because no one takes the time to change them. Specifically, when you find an apartment there is a middle man that gets paid by both the renter and the landlord. She asked about why things were that way and this middle man told her, “I don’t know, but they’re finally changing it.”

    My point is that in America we’re pretty good about changing stuff if it doesn’t make sense to us. Overall, I think that’s a good thing. On the other hand, I think that we run into trouble when we ignore tradition and history. I grew up in a relatively small town in Ohio that’s about 30 miles SW of Cleveland. There is some really nice 19th century architecture that almost got lost when they tried to make everything stainless steel in the late 50s and early 60s.

    It sort of reminds me of why the Coliseum in Rome is in such a shambles. They used the marble for it to build churches during the Counter-Reformation. It was all about right now.

    It is pretty amazing that we’ve had basically the same government for 230 years. While we have our share of issues both domestically and abroad, our republic has done a pretty good job of enduring. I just hope it lasts.

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