soccer (futball, foci, labdarúgás)

focinyelvI play soccer with some guys 2-3 times a month on Saturdays, and today Kristof wrote out a page of Hungarian soccer lingo (words/phrases).  I needed this Hungarian lesson like it was going out of style.  When I’m on the field I just speak in English all the time.  (The fellas have good English, and I think they can understand most everything I’m saying.)  BUT, now when one of the guys does some really fancy footwork I can say, “Szétcselezi az agyát” which means, “he tricks his own brain apart!” 

Some other very cool/useful phrases: “Vigyázz mögötted!” (Watch out, he is behind your back!), “Lőjj!” (shoot!), “Remek védekezés” (Good Defense), “Héé” (Hey, I’m running here too so would you be so kind as to give me the ball), and “ketten vagytok” (there are two of us, so you’re not alone at the attack).  I can’t wait to try some of this out.

the field

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