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My blogging has been lame lately.  Sorry!  Today I had the “opportunity” to go back to the infamous “BÁH” office (bevándorlási állampolgárság hivátal…the office that requires 24573 documents to prove that you are worth having in Hungary).  It appears that we’ll have to take the kids to the BÁH on August 11th or 14th to prove that they exist.  Hopefully we’ll have less than a 3 hour wait!  (Don’t worry, I’m not bitter:-)

We are getting really excited!  At 3:00 AM this coming Saturday, we’re going to drive to the Croatian coast for a week long vacation!  Whoa.  It’s about 8-9 hours away.  We’re staying in a little fishing village near Zadar, and there is actually a sandy beach (most Croatian beaches are pebble).  Oh my goodness, I can’t wait. 

We had a humongous rain/hail storm today.  In a matter of minutes Batthány utca turned into a river.  The hail was the size of a two Forint coin. 

Lastly, Laura and I had a conversation tonight in which I suggested that there has only been two, maybe three, movie sequals that were as good as the first movie (Star Wars, God Father, LOTR, Pink Panther).  We haven’t seen the sequal to Pirates of the Carribean yet, but I’m counting on it to be a flop.  We’ll see!


  1. Necole and I just saw Pirates of the Carribean today…It was very “ok” imho.

    I wonder ifwe the end user are expecting to much, or do the film makers get lazy or lose creativty?

    Hope all is well, enjoy the beach, one thing we miss about NC is Wilmington.

    Peace & Love

  2. I would submit that Harry Potter 3 was at least as good as the first one, IMHO. Spider-Man 2 also was pretty good, I thought. Some didn’t like all of the time where we saw Peter leave Spidey behind, but I thought it was great.

    Funny, but Star Wars was so good until the prequels. Now I need to see the original ones to remember how good they really were.

    An argument could be made that the third Indiana Jones movie was as good as the first one, but that could be because they recycled much of the first one. The chase scene in the desert with the tank was very reminiscent of the scene where he ends up getting dragged behind the truck. And they did do a fantastic job of one-upping themselves on the gross-out scenes (snakes to bugs to rats). Plus you have Sean Connery, who was great.

    I’ll be interested to read if these were movies you just didn’t think of or if you really disagree with me.

  3. You’re so right Jason. I agree with you on all counts. My faith in sequels has been slightly restored. In general, I wish the screen writers would put as much energy into the sequel story/plot as they do in the original movie story/plot. Sequels are often just the same characters hanging out with almost no story. I guess it is all about story for me. BUT, there have been some great ones occasionally!

  4. Mark — as I read your post I’m reminded of something I heard on one of the Simpsons’ DVDs. I like to watch the episodes with the commentary on and several times I’ve heard the writers say something to the effect of, “Why did we do this story in only one episode?” They never expected the show to run so long and they’re about out of ideas.

    To me, one of the worst sequels in recent memory came in the Matrix series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, and I believe that one could quite easily preach the gospel out of it to boot. But the second one just seemed very tedious to me. And I never made it to the third one. The first one was so unexpected, so cool, so new, and the second one was just tedium to me. I don’t need to see martial arts sequences that go on for seemingly forever. Maybe it’s just my taste though.

    Amanda loved the first Pirates’ movie, so we’ll use a date night to see the second as we’re able.

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