jelloI’ve been pretty busy lately. In an effort to redeem the last few days of missing blog-posts, I’d like to share this picture with you. This is indeed a picture of red jello with little pieces of pear, peach and grapes in it. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Granny Jo sent us a couple packages of jello mix, and Laura made some. The boys and I dove head first into it.


I recently read a languistic study comparing the number of syllables Hungarians vs. Americans could recall.  Hungarians can recall 19 to 24 syllalbes with accuracy, while Americans can recall 13 syllables.  Of course the average Hungarian word is much longer than the average English word.  This might have something to do with it.  Who knows?


I went running around Margaret Island tonight.  I had a good pace for the first 4 kilometers, and I picked up my speed for the final 1.5 kilometers.  The last 1 km is really dark.  There are no lights and lots of big trees.  I could hardly see, so I decided to close my eyes while I was running.  My goal was to close my eyes until I got really nervous about running into a tree or something.  Don’t worry, there were no collisions.  Of course, I could only keep my eyes closed for 4-5 seconds.  But hey, that’s a long time when your running.  And somehow I stayed in the middle of the track.  It was so cool.  But don’t try this at home.