back from Croatia

Last Saturday we left for Croatia at 4:48 AM.  At 5:04 AM, Jacob asked, “how much longer till we be there?”  It was an 11 hour trip.  There are some amazing tunnels along the way, including a 6 kilometer one.  10 minutes after arriving to our coastal apartment, we were in the water.  It was awesome. 


This was probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to.  The Adriatic was spectacular with a mountainous peninsula 5 kilometers opposite of us.  Our apartment faced south, so we could see both the sunrise and sunset from our terrace.  


Laura did an amazing job finding this place for us, and there was actually a sandy beach within walking distance.  The boys practiced their swimming everyday. 


There was also a soccer field just down the road.

krka national park

We took a day trip down to Krka national park, where we hiked around these water falls.  As an aside, Crotians have forgotten the importance of vowels in their language.  No human mouth can actually say “krka” without spitting. 


Oh, and remember these incredible spinning rides that we used to have on the playgrounds in America?  Those were the greatest.  I think they’re outlawed now. 

bbqOn Friday night, the community had a festival where they roasted a cow.  The boys had to watch this process for about an hour. 

bobi flippsCroatia has “Bobi Flips.”  They are peanut butter flavored puffy chips.  All in all, we had a fantastic time.  Of course when you have three little boys, the word “vacation” is pretty subjective.  The days of sitting on a beach with a good book are long gone.  BUT, there is still the opportunity to sit on a beach with some good Bobi flips.


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