grassy field

Yesterday evening, I took Laura and the boys up to Visegrad (35 minutes away) to explore a new hiking trail.  We found a trail map, then we found the trail and started hiking around the top of Mogyoróhegy.  After 20 minutes, the trail opened up into a grassy field on top of the mountain….it overlooked the Danube river and a couple mountain ranges in the distance.  Sweet.  There aren’t any huge mountains in our area, but this was still a spectacular view. 

We walked out into the field, and Laura and I just stood there taking in the view with an occasional deep sigh of enjoyment.  The kids were running circles around us, and we were just soaking in the view.

I find that there are some activities, some forms of “doing” that create in me a greater sense of “being.”  They cultivate in me a greater ability “to see” and a greater awareness of who I am, who I am not, the quality of my inner-life, my own “something-ness” or “nothing-ness,” my ability to be “human” or my tendency toward “dis-humanity.” 

There are some ways of “doing” that point toward (or flow out of) my “being.”  Hiking to this grassy field took some time and effort.  But it led to a grassy field.  Or was it my desire for something like a grassy field that produced the time and effort needed to hike?


  1. hmmm… i really get this… while we must seek solitude, we shouldn’t avoid people (too much)… where we seek silence, we don’t not talk… and while we often can find being in doing, we should not do just to be doing…

  2. Great stuff today Mark! This is especially poignant for me since I’m incredibly busy with my class on top of working full-time. I have a sense like I can’t just be. Believe it or not, reading your blog has been a place of refreshment for me. It’s a place where I can come and “be” and reflect a little bit.

    One of my personal (though poorly-defined) goals is to live in a way that truly reflects what I believe. I think everyone has a tension between what we want to do and what we really do. I’m thankful for the grace to live more in line with what I want to do.

    Seems like someone wrote about this around 2000 years ago…maybe addressing a church somewhere in Italy.

  3. Hey guys, I’m a little slow in resonding here. Thanks for the thoughts guys. Tom, I like how you worded it, “we should not “do” just to be “doing.” What are the activities reconnect me to “Life?” And I guess that Life is inward and outward.

    Jason, one thing I noticed in your comment is that “being” and faith are quite similar, very connected, or the same. “live in a way that truly reflects what I believe.” I like that!

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