a thought

What you give away freely you can’t control.


  1. I see this in action in so many lives, including my own. I used to be very obsessive and very controlling. Of course, I still have my days where I am like that. But more and more I learn that letting go is what life is all about.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This morning I was reading a bit from Thomas Merton. He had a couple nice things to say about love. “It is not enough for love to be shared: it must be shared freely. That is to say it must be given, not merely taken.”

    Later he says, “Love not only prefers the good of another to my own, but it does not even compare the two. It has only one good: that of the beloved, which is, at the same time, my own.”

    Humans were made to love, but we easily get our some things mixed up, and we forget that, in the end, “love can be kept only by being given away.”

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