1956 Revolution

Today was a special day in Hungarian history, October 23rd.  This days marks the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution against the Soviet control in 1956.  Read an excellent account of this uprising on Voice of America.

On October 23rd, 1956, the Hungarians took back control of their country for two weeks before the Soviets brutally crushed the uprising.  Thousands were killed, and almost 250,000 Hungarians fled the country…many to the U.S. 

Andrew Vajna, who fled Hungary in 1956 and is now big time Holywood producer, has recently put together an amazing film about the revolution called “Freedom’s Fury.”

october 23rd

October 23rd, 2006.  If you don’t know about the current riots and protests in Budapest today (and over the last few weeks), you can read the flurry of articles posted on the BBC.  See some pictures from today


  1. Hi Mark and Laura (and kids!),

    I’m so glad that I am still on your mailing list — what an amazing journey you are on! It’s really inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing in the ways God is touching your lives and the lives of those around you.

    Scott (from Sacred)

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