Virginia Tech beat Virginia 17-0 today.  You can read about it here.  And just in case you are interested, Virginia Tech came into this game ranked 1st in the nation for scoring defense.  🙂

“nevásárolj semmit nap”

Well, in America, the day after Thanksgiving holiday marks the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  As a result, over the years, this Friday has come to be known as “Black Friday.”  Consumerism and Materialism at its worst.  This year some folks have initiated “Buy Nothing Day.”  There’s even a Hungarian translation of the website! http://www.nevasaroljsemmitnap.hu/

less than two weeks

Wow.  We will be flying to America on December 5th…less than two weeks away.  We are so excited to visit family and friends, to see Virginia Tech, to go to Walmart, to see the Appalachian mountains.  But, as the trip approaches, we have been surprised to feel a little sad about missing Christmas in Hungary with our Hungarian friends.  Why can’t we be in two places at the same time?


Meaning. Finding meaning helps us to act. It makes us learn. Meaning is the sense to see connections, as well as our place and significance within the course of life’s events. We need others to shape meaning.

Freedom, Love

Szabadság, Szerelem!

E kettő kell nekem

Szerelmemért föláldozom

Az életet,

Szabadságért föláldozom


-Petőfi Sandor, 1847

Freedom, Love!

These two I need

For my love I sacrifice life

For freedom I sacrifice my love.