In America

Hi World.  We’ve been in America for two weeks now.  As we flew into the airport in Washington DC, I looked out the window and was surprised to see shingled rooftops and a handful of baseball fields.  Our friend Tom picked us up and took us back to Charlottesville, VA where we stayed the night.  One the way, we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee (Sorry Chris).  As we ordered our coffees, the person working behind the counter completely understood everything we said.  Amazing. We had to rent a car from Charlottesville to Roanoke VA (Virginia).  The rental office made a mistake and let us borrow a V8 SUV.  I tapped the gas pedal and we all got whiplash (our van in Hungary has a 4 cylinder 1.6 liter engine :).

We’re borrowing a car from my parents while we’re here in the US.  On the second day the gas tank was on Empty, so I filled it with gas.  $30 for over 14 gallons of gas!  This is something like 6000 HUF for 53 liters.  Now that gas prices have dropped in Budapest, I think you could probably buy 14 gallons for around $74. 

We got to grandaddy’s and granny’s house on the second day, and within 30 minutes, Seth was riding the big tractor and feeding the cows hay. 

Today, while driving down the road, a complete stranger waved his hand at me (full arm extended) to say hello.  In that last two weeks, at least 20 complete strangers have said, “Hi, how ya doing?” 

I’ve been amazed at how spread out everything is in the US, realizing how dependent we are upon cars and how we could never really make public transportation work in this country. 

It has been really fun to visit family and friends.  We’re excited that a number of friends here are planning to come visit us in Budapest within the next year or two. 

But we’ve also felt a little tug in our hearts toward Budapest, thinking of it as home in a way.  Even our kids have asked several times, when are we going back home (to Budapest)? 


  1. Man, I’m glad you are in the States. I hope you enjoy it, find rest and “catch up” on life in the States.

    As for Starbucks…If I have to, I will go there. It’s a second option 🙂


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