Hi folks!  We had a special time in America during December with friends and family.  We only regret how short the time was and our inability to see everyone we wanted to. 

We returned to Budapest on the 10th of January and hit the ground running.  Strangely, Budapest felt like home to us, and the boys have been making lots of new observations.  We can’t help comparing this RE-entry to Hungary with our entry to Hungary 1.5 years ago.  What a difference. 

We’re mostly excited to see our friends here and continue “traveling” together.  Kristof and I had had a great time searching for a teaching job for our dear friend Joanna who will come to Budapest this July.  We can’t wait!!  I’ve known Joanna since she was like 9 years old. 

Laura is making a 2.5 day trip to Pécs with four other friends, and she’ll leave tomorrow!  So the boys and I will be four bachelors in all.  I’m not sure if we will survive.  We probably won’t eat or change our clothes, or brush our teeth or anything.  Pray for us!  🙂 

A couple weeks from now, my friend Tom and I will train to Vukovar Croatia, pick up our friend Láci, and travel to Bosnia to meet with some people.  I’m looking forward to this trip and to learning about life in Bosnia.


  1. It was great seeing you when you were Stateside. Have fun this weekend with the boys. I know that things tend to degrade when Amanda is gone and it’s just Lily and me. It reminds me of having a list of chores on a summer vacation day. If I knew that mom would be home at 5, I’d probably start them at 3:30 or 4:00. Just have to get it together for the end, right?

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