March 15th: Revolution Day

1848 Revolution Day – 1848-as Forradalom és Szabadságharc
The “Hungarian spring” – a bloodless fight for freedom against Habsburg domination which later led to war against Austria and its allies (at the time: the Croats and Romanians).
The main demands of Hungarians were: freedom of the press, and the establishing of a Hungarian parliament in Pest with its government. Revolutionists also demanded freedom of religion, a jury, a national bank, a Hungarian army, and the withdrawal of foreign military presence from the country.

In 1849 Russia intervened on the side of Austria, and won. The Austrian retorsion included the execution of 13 generals of the Hungarian revolutionary army and of 5 civilian leaders of the short-lived independent Hungary. One of them was the first prime-minister, count Lajos Batthyany.

Each year on March 15, the Hungarian tricolors of red, white, and green are prominently displayed all over the country.