My friend Dani took me to the Komjádi swimming facility yesterday for the first time. I am NOT a swimmer. Nor do I really enjoy the water. But, after yesterday I could see swimming as a new hobby. Wow.

Inspite of being a land-locked country, Hungary is without question a swimming culture. Hungary always does well in many of the water sports in the Olympics especially water polo.

So, I swam freestyle for 900 meters yesterday (Dani did 3000). Oh my. I learned that it is ALL about technique. At first, my technique was horrible (I’ve never had a real swimming lesson). As a result I was only able to swim about 30 meters before turning over on my back so I could rest. I discovered that stamina in running doesn’t translate to stamina in swimming.

Dani gave me a bunch of tips, and my technique improved quickly. After swimming 700 meters, my body was completely exhausted. But I still hadn’t been able to swim a full length of the pool (50 meters) non-stop. Dani gave me a couple more suggestions, and even though I was exhausted, I was finally able to freestyle swim the length non-stop. It was all about technique.

Great metaphor for life. “If the ax is dull and he does not sharpen it’s edge, he must exert more strength.”