where to go from here

Well, I’ve been thinking about this blog.  Here’s what I’d like to do, if I could find the time:  Finally fix the categories/tags and create a clean filing system, Clean up the sidecolumns, Change the header and colors, Start using “pages” for articles and resources, Fix the commenting function (I get 100 spam comments a week), Add an “interest groups” section in the column, add a menu bar, and occasionally write a series of posts according to a specific idea. 


  1. Hey Andrea! Yea, I’m a lame blogger. 🙂 Or maybe I should say a “seasonal blogger!” Hey, do you have a blog? Of course a blog is probably not too realistic while working on a PhD at UCLA. We are really looking forward to your visit in October!! There are some fun topics we are eager to discuss. Hello to Nathan and Zsuzsa.

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