So, our boys are pretty active, to say the least.  And they love being physical….climbing trees, wrestling, running, etc.  Of course they do know when to be gentle and calm and orderly…..I think.  🙂  But every day seems to have its share of collisions, accidents, and booboos.  For example, yesterday Jacob and Nathan were riding their bikes and ran into each other (just for the fun of it), and both ended up with skinned knees.  Experience is the best teacher, I guess.  So, I decided to count the number of bruises and scrapes on their legs.  Total count (including all the little ones) for all three boys = 19 bruises and 11 scrapes.  What in the world!  Of course they found some sort of pride in counting all of these scrapes and bruises too.  Badges of honor perhaps.  So I’m thinking about opening a training camp for professional extreme sport athletes (parachuters, rock-climbers, cliff-divers, etc).  They could come to our house and just watch our boys play, make notes, and attempt to implement the new techniques in their various sporting events.


  1. Exactly why I want to have little girls. Can you imagine me chasing the three little Newell boys? They would clobber me! I know how excited Joanna is to spend time with them as well as you and Laura! Take advantage of her move there and have some quiet time with Laura!!

  2. Hey Becca! You could definitely handle the Newell boys no problem! And we also remind them that girls are flowers and boys are lion cubs. 🙂 We have Joanna’s room ready for her to move in. Just a few more days!

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