by foot

So, last week someone tried to break into our car.  Car theft and radio theft are an issue here, but not like 5-10 years ago.  Anyway, they tore up the driver’s door pretty bad, and it needs to be replaced.  What in the world.  I’m grateful for insurance, but there’s still a $150 deductable.  Sigh. 

So for this whole week, the van is in the shop.  We use public transportation all the time, but with three kids the van also comes in handy everyday.  So we definitely feel it when hauling the kids to kindergarten and bringing a load of groceries home from the élelmiszer. 

BUT, losing the car for a week has a real positive side to it too.  It slows life down, makes us more intentional, and gives us opportunities to ask for help.  Besides, the kids LOVE riding the buses, trains, trollies, subways, and trams.  They can never get enough of it. 

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  1. Sometimes I’m a bit envious of you guys and your city life. As you know, here in Cary it’s pretty difficult to do anything without a car. We do have the C-Tran now, but we have to walk a mile to get to it.

    It’s good to see you that you are looking at the silver lining in all of this.

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