Ten Year Journey

My Dear Laura, on September 20, 1997, we were married in Blacksburg, VA.  Today, Sept. 20, 2007, we have a wealth of wonderful memories, and I love you more than ever.

In the mountains of Virginia
We fell in love, and
Our journey began

We couldn’t have guessed
That before too long, we’d
Be driving a family van

It began in a kitchen
After Ané’s Turkish meals
“Innocently” washing dishes together

Remember the music room?
Wind Rock?
The drive-in theater?

You drew me in with your beauty, your sense of purpose, your depth of character.

And you couldn’t resist my pick-up truck, my guitar, my fancy beard.

We have shared the journey, traveling into unknown territories.
As citizens and sojourners, the destination has become clearer and clearer,
And we’ve been in it together.

You have been my companion, my treasure, my best friend.
And your faithful, gentle love has made me a better man,
continually pointing me toward the love and grace of God.

We’ve been given three gifts along the way
Who have taught us
The value, the quickness, the thrill of life. 



I just cannot imagine the past ten years without you.
Laura, you are more beautiful, more wonderful,
more precious to me than ever.

I love you!  Happy Anniversary!

skype, quarterback, immune system, hot water

Hey!  We have voice mail on our skype now!  It is awesome.  Leave us a message.  🙂

I’m pretty excited to see what Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech’s new true freshmen quarterback, can do!

The boys finished their first week of kindergarten, and four of the five members of our family caught a cold.  It occured to me, our exposure to sickness has tripled this year, since the boys are in three different classes.  We need a major immune system building program!

I don’t think I mentioned this earlier (this will be interesting news to all of you who have lived in our house recently), we finally have hot water!!!!!  We haven’t really had hot water for the last four months.  The gas water heater was on its way out when we moved in May 1st, and it quickly gave out.  And the process of fixing it (eventually replacing it) was slow.  Our poor guests had to suffer along with us.  But after a couple ice cold showers, you develop a new skill set.  There are some really effective methods to decreasing the shock of the ice cold water on your skin.  🙂  But anyway, we have hot water now!!!  When the new water heater was installed, I took a loooong hot shower.  Woohoo!


Ahhhh.  Here in Budapest you can feel Fall approaching.  Cool air, shorts and long-sleeve shirts, classes beginning again…I love this time of year! 

This morning we entered a new phase of life.  Seth, Jacob, and Nathan all went to kindergarten/preschool.  They are all in the same school, but three different classes.  So that means we’re juggling 9 teachers/helpers, 72 kids & their parents, and three sets of class meetings/activities/information.  Not sure if we could manage it without Tamás and Zita.  🙂  I’m just glad they are all in the same building. 

First year university students have started their registration and orientation this week.  You can see the excitement and energy. 

We have a new Outing Club at the University this year, which grew out of the English Club, and it seems to be coming together really really well.  Website is ready, just need a good address.  Thanks Dori, Balázs, Kristof, Jozsef, and Attila for your help!!  Some great events planned for the first semester.  The two biggest will be a camping trip Sept 28-30, and an English Camp Nov. 16-18. 

I grew a beard.  I love not shaving.

In less than two weeks, Laura’s sister and mom will be arriving for a 12 day visit.  We are all really excited, and we have a lot planned for them!