Ahhhh.  Here in Budapest you can feel Fall approaching.  Cool air, shorts and long-sleeve shirts, classes beginning again…I love this time of year! 

This morning we entered a new phase of life.  Seth, Jacob, and Nathan all went to kindergarten/preschool.  They are all in the same school, but three different classes.  So that means we’re juggling 9 teachers/helpers, 72 kids & their parents, and three sets of class meetings/activities/information.  Not sure if we could manage it without Tamás and Zita.  🙂  I’m just glad they are all in the same building. 

First year university students have started their registration and orientation this week.  You can see the excitement and energy. 

We have a new Outing Club at the University this year, which grew out of the English Club, and it seems to be coming together really really well.  Website is ready, just need a good address.  Thanks Dori, Balázs, Kristof, Jozsef, and Attila for your help!!  Some great events planned for the first semester.  The two biggest will be a camping trip Sept 28-30, and an English Camp Nov. 16-18. 

I grew a beard.  I love not shaving.

In less than two weeks, Laura’s sister and mom will be arriving for a 12 day visit.  We are all really excited, and we have a lot planned for them!


  1. I am extremely jealous of the long sleeves and shorts. I think that summer is finally starting to break here in Raleigh, but it is hanging on for as long as it can. At least it’s generally below 70 when I go jogging in the mornings now.

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