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Hey!  We have voice mail on our skype now!  It is awesome.  Leave us a message.  🙂

I’m pretty excited to see what Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech’s new true freshmen quarterback, can do!

The boys finished their first week of kindergarten, and four of the five members of our family caught a cold.  It occured to me, our exposure to sickness has tripled this year, since the boys are in three different classes.  We need a major immune system building program!

I don’t think I mentioned this earlier (this will be interesting news to all of you who have lived in our house recently), we finally have hot water!!!!!  We haven’t really had hot water for the last four months.  The gas water heater was on its way out when we moved in May 1st, and it quickly gave out.  And the process of fixing it (eventually replacing it) was slow.  Our poor guests had to suffer along with us.  But after a couple ice cold showers, you develop a new skill set.  There are some really effective methods to decreasing the shock of the ice cold water on your skin.  🙂  But anyway, we have hot water now!!!  When the new water heater was installed, I took a loooong hot shower.  Woohoo!


  1. Not sure if you ever see our family blog ( but we recently went through some water woes of our own. Nothing on your scale though!

    How did you get anything clean without hot water? I know that you don’t have to have scalding-hot water, but I would think that it would help with laundry and doing dishes.

    How did the kids handle the cold water?

    At any rate, congratulations on getting it fixed. I guess that it’s still more creature-comforts than being in a jungle somewhere, right?

  2. Hey L. Von Vuk! Voice mail costs something like $2 per month, but I decided to pay $3 per month to get SkypePro which offers both voicemail and call forwarding. It’s pretty great so far. My friend chris from Texas called me on skype from his computer the other day, and it rang on my cell phone!! It was awesome.

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