First Snow

Yesterday we woke up to a sunny day….the first we’ve had in a while.  Later, we went to Margit sziget with some friends and played soccer with the kids.  An hour later it started raining.  Then sleeting.  Then Snowing!!  I don’t believe the boys saw snow last year, so they were EXCITED.  We got out our three-kid sled, and I pulled them in circles.  Yes, my arm is soar today.  The kids built a snowman and named him Feri.


  1. Hi guys!
    Great pix!!!
    Mark – are you the amazing photographer?
    I think the one of Nathan and the snowflake could be a postcard! Hooray for first snow.
    We are trying to adjust to the short days and dreary weather here, too. Can’t wait for our first snow, too!
    Love you guys! BIG HUGE HUGS TO ALL!
    Kerry, David, Ben, Ian and Zac

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