My friend Sandy sent me a “Thanksgiving prayer” over e-mail this week from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions, Arthur Bennett, ed.  Thanks Sandy!  I really enjoyed taking some time to respond to it and put some of the ideas in my own words.  I hope you indeed feel thankful as I do today! 

I thank You for the soul You have created in me,
for designing it and making it complete with Yourself,
though it is rooted in dry soil;

I thank You for the body You have given me,
for giving it life and strength,
for providing the senses to enjoy delights,
for giving eyes to see You in this world,
for giving ears to hear Your shepherd voice,
for hands that can fulfill their calling,
for arms that can embrace others,
for a mind that can comprehend truth,
for a heart that can feel sorrow and joy,
for legs that can follow You closely.

I thank You for being active in my everyday life,
and for everything that You are to us.

Increase my thankfulness and love, O my God, through time and eternity.