Jorge the Philosopher

A friend shared a thought with me today, during our regular Monday night meeting, from a Spanish Philosopher by the first name of Jorge.  It sparked some great discussion.  Here it is (well, actually this has been translated from Spanish into Hungarian, and now VERY losely into English).  “BROTHERHOOD: Live together in an honest and credible way without hurting each other, especially among those who regularly bear your childish outbursts of anger, despair, and disappointment (ie. those who are closest to you).  This childishness pollutes the air.  We shouldn’t just avoid physical dirt, but also the moral, spiritual, and emotional dirt.  Even if we are able to move beyond our childish behavior, which is always selfish, those deeds have been done and those words have been said (and there is need for forgiveness).  They can continue to pollute the air.  This childish selfishness and anger is like larva in the soul (eww, yuck).  It is a fire that becomes hotter than any argument and seeks to maintain further arguments while our maturity decreases (the cycle of “ungrace” as Yancey calls it).  In the visible world, we have different genders, cultures, and ages.  But we have God, we have faith, we have many everyday happenings that connect us.  In brotherhood, we take advantage of everything which unites us, and not those things which divide us.”  -spanish philosopher Jorge.