Central Europe

This is what some people call Central Europe:


  1. I know, I haven’t found a map with this depiction of CE before. Right click on the map and select properties and you will see the URL for the picture.

    So Tom, would you agree? Is this what you would call Central Europe? Why?

  2. thanks for the info on the map Mark…. You know, in the decade I’ve been hangin out over there in the beloved land and read about it in books and mags like The Economist, I have concluded that the Central Europe (CE)countries are identified apart from “Eastern Europe” for a couple of reasons: 1) Eastern Europe (EE) was mostly the USSR, back then, CE was part of EE (there really was no such thing as CE when the Iron Curtain was up) but now, in my opinion, the term CE sets these states apart from the strictly communist states… as you have may have experienced, our friends in CE usually refer to their past as being socialistic, not communistic (revisionist history? …maybe…) … so to call the region CE sets it apart from (and I believe rightfully so) the Eastern European nations, who are, at least in some areas of development a bit behind those in the Center… A glance at the back of an Economist lists them (if they are listed) in the “developing nation” category… this sets them apart from Western Europe, most of whom are in the Developed World… Additionally – (if you are still reading this tome) I think it is cultural as well… CE was, for the most part, Roman Catholic… this creates some historical-cultural-religious differences… today’s EE is mainly Orthodox and this has had – in the opinion of some analyists – an impact on the development of the East since the wall was torn down… well, there is a snapshot of what I have learned about the region over the last couple of years… I’m sure there are many different opinions out there on the subject and I’m sure that those who know more than I can correct me… I hopethey will… but remember CE or EE, its not better, its not worse, its just different…

  3. In my oppinion these are all countries that wanna be central europe, Instead of feeling OK with the fact we are eastern Europe… :)But in a way we were between East (U.S.S.R) and west (all the rich European countries)… I am speaking the language of the 80’s here… 🙂
    Any how… In a sence it is central, but honestly this is Eastern Europe…
    I hope we will not get into a fight like the rappers…”Dude this is East Coast Style.. OR DUDE this is the O.G. O.C. West coast style and we will kill ya…”

    Lazo von East coast, balkan South Central

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