Laura and I celebrated our 10.3 year anniversary this past weekend.  Thank you Joanna for keeping the boys and being such a tremendous blessing!!!!!  We went to a place called Bük, which is right in the middle of Nowhere, Hungary.  The big attraction is the thermal spring (you know Hungary has the second highest concentration of thermal springs in the world).  Well, we didn’t actually enjoy the thermal waters, but we enjoyed the country side a lot!  Bük is close to the border of Austria, so we drove across and caught sight of the Alp foothills.  Here’s some pics:

Here’s a view of the abandoned border stations!!


  1. (re: the checkpoint) so… back in 98 we were sitting in this VERY SPOT (well, it sure does LOOK like the very spot) waiting for our van load of student’s passports to be stamped. we had waited in line for a long but not terrible long time (its much worse at the Ukraine border) to go to Austria from HU. Much has changed from waiting in a line and being scrutinzed to just zooming through!

  2. Hey Laci! Congratulations on your 8.1 anniversary!!! We can’t wait to see Lotti!

    Tom, is there any Hungarian border crossing you haven’t seen? And now that we zoom, where is the place of waiting? And scrutinization? I gotta say, it feels good to zoom through those borders at 30 kilometers per hour.

  3. 30 km/h ? We did it with 60 km/h at Esztergom-Sturovo 🙂

    and a question for discussion…
    SO did hungary became now Central Europe with this or is it still E.Europe ?

    TOM has seen all the borders… Tom is the borders… Before the Borders were TOM IS 🙂

    Lazo out

  4. Dearest Lazo von Proper Grammar, who am I to correct such a grammatically intelligent Hungarian as yourself. In the most humble spirit, I would draw your attention to the fact that the mountain in Eastern Hungary is spelled “Bükk,” while the small town in Western Hungary, not far from Szombathely, is spelled “Bük.” Could you possibly use your powers and influence to add an extra “k?” http://www.iranymagyarorszag.hu/terkep/buk

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