ezen a napon

Az idő szokatlanul szép volt ezen a napon.  Amikor felmentünk ezzel a mozgólépcsővel a HÉV végénél, láthattuk a kék éget.  Miután összetalálkoztam néhány ismerősömmel, gondoltam, hogy alkamas lefényképezni a Batthyányi tér környezetét és a napi munkát végző embereket, akik elsuhantak mellettem.  Talán többet kellene magyarul írnom.  🙂

Big Weekend With Jo-néni

While I was out of town this weekend for some meetings, Joanna came and stayed with Laura and the boys.  Joanna hanging out with the kids for a weekend = FUN.  Besides learning some new funky dances, the boys went to the city zoo.  (Jo, I lifted some of your pictures from facebook.  🙂  THANK YOU Joanna for serving us!  It was a beatuiful weekend, and Seth and Jacob were excited to finally  be able to wear their hokie hats.

At the Zoo.

Reading the Map

Jake and Dori discussing Hungarian politics.

On Friday night, while I was gone, Laura had a női búli, and she made the best cheesecake ever known to humankind.

Milyen magas vagy?

Backwards pants

think through them

“My journey of faith must be personal in the sense that I struggle intellectually with issues that cut close to the heart of my identity.  As a member of the human race, a citizen of a broken world, and a follower of Jesus Christ, I can not hang up my commitments, desires, rebellions, resignations, and uncertainties like a coat on a coat rack before entering my pursuit of answers, to be taken up and put on when the work of the day is over.  How can I abstract from my commitments, desires, rebellions, resignations, and uncertainties?  I must think through them, with as much rigor as I can muster.”
– Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace


Here’s some pictures from the last couple days….

Jet Lag.  We had three friends from California and Virginia visiting on Wed. & Thurs.  Below, Tom is experiencing the jet lag head-bob while riding the train from Vác to Budapest.

On the HÉV.

Meeting in the Parliament.  Thanks Kristof for giving us the insider tour!

Waiting at school for basketball practice at school:

Basketball Practice: (Seth in blue, Jacob in orange)

Go Team!  “egy….kettő…három….MACI!”

AngolEst:  Thursday Night English Club in the tea house.

Mario sang a song called Humble King. 

Tom shared some amazing stories about their work with street kids in Kiev Ukraine over the last 10 or so years.

Seth turns 7

February 15th, Seth turned seven years old!  Mom made him a spiderman cake, and we went to an indoor playhouse with some friends today.  Seth is super excited about reading, swimming, basketball, drama, building things, his friends at school, and learning new Hungarian words.  Most everyday he is teaching me a new word in Hungarian.  He is looking forward to going to big school in the Fall!

Jacob is 5 Years Old

On January 30th, Jacob turned five years old.  This has been a really big year for Jake.  This year he started swimming, basketball, and drama, and he really wants to learn the guitar.  He entered a new kindergarten class, and though it hasn’t been easy, he is winning friends with his smile, his gracious spirit, and his love of life.  He’s homeschooling with mom every afternoon and working on pre-math and pre-reading.  I love listening to Jacob pray for family and friends.  There are a lot of things he wants to do when he gets big: eat spicy food, pick up a car like superman, parachute of a mountain, drink coffee, and drive a train.