On Monday I turned 35.
That’s almost 40…
Half way to 70…
A quarter of the way to 140…
Seven times the age of my middlest son….
1/27th of Methuselah
But it feels good too.
This was a special year because my birthday came the day after Easter.
Easter Monday.
Thoughts about birth and resurrection…
In Hungary Easter Monday is the day when boys spray girls with perfume/water, and the girls reward the boys with a coin or an Easter egg.
Laura has a special role of being the only girl in our house  🙂
She got sprayed.
It was a great day!


  1. Good Grief, Charlie Brown! What is this, angst over being a handsome, spirited, vigorous, barely approaching-your-prime 35-year-old. I can’t even remember being that age.

    (By the way, I really like your Easter tradition.)

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