yellow fields

We just returned from a great weekend with some friends.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll post some pictures from north eastern Hungary.  Below is a picture of the recep fields which are covering Hungary right now with yellow.


Just 28 days until our visit to America!  It’s going to be so good to see family and friends.  But we still have 6 big things to do before we head home.  So we’re enjoying and living in the NOW while eagerly anticipating what WILL COME.

Texas Relays – 1500 Meter Run

Event 1  Decathlon: #10 Men 1500 Meter Run Univ/Coll Decathlon
Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
1 Greaves, Kenny               Unattached             4:32.28     730
2 Newell, Daniel            JR Liberty                4:35.53     709
3 Bray, Wesley              SO Houston                4:41.88     669
4 Vandendriessche, Camille  JR Abilene Chr.           4:42.98     662
5 Johnson, Justin           SR Cal St. Northridge     4:43.85     656
6 Hoskins, Brandon          SR Liberty                4:45.56     646
7 Adam, Philip              SO Rice                   4:45.84     644
8 Morrisey, Chris           JR Penn State             4:48.16     630
9 Colligan, Shawn           SR Penn State             4:48.97     625
10 Pounds, Chris             SO Abilene Chr.           4:57.37     575
11 Otto, Trinity             JR Texas A&M              4:58.55     568
12 Hardee, Trey                 Nike                   5:02.18     547
13 Barroilhet, Gonzalo       FR Florida St.            5:02.36     546
14 Moody, Rickey             SR Washington St.         5:09.87     504
15 Harlan, Aaron             JR Steph. F. Austin       5:21.21     444
-- Kinsey, Daniel            JR Akron                      DNF
-- Floyd, Morgan             JR Houston                    DNS
-- Vining, Matt              SR Arkansas St.               DNS
-- Kilmartin, Donovan           Texas                      DNS
-- Martinez, Ernest          SR Oral Roberts               DNS
-- Johnson, Kevin            SR Colorado St.               DNS

Birthday at the BÁH

Yesterday was my beautiful wife’s birthday.  As part of her birthday celebration we had the wonderful opportunity to spend 5 hours at the immigration office (the BÁH).  And the surprise birthday gift was a two year residency permit (well…once we collect four more papers and spend two more half days at the immigration office).  Woohoo!  So we made our way home for a late dinner with some pizza from Don Pepe’s, and Joanna baked an awesome chocolate cake which featured a blue peep sitting in the middle of a pond.  Yum!  Happy Birthday Laura!