Elvész a Nyom

So I’m trying to find an English copy of one of Albert Wass’ books. The Hungarian title is “Elvész a Nyom.” The English version was titled “The Trail Perishes.” We’re going to read it in Hungarian with some friends, but it would be awesome to have it in English.  I’ve looked everywhere that I can think of.  Does anyone have any tips for finding the English copy?

Canoe Trip

From Esztergom to Budapest the Danube waters flow

3 days and 3 boats, 11 people did go

Passing castles and ducks in flight

We were looking forward to a bogrács delight

Paddling on the left, paddling on the right

Waves from speeding boats gave us a fright

The Megyeri bridge at last made its show

And we rowed home swiftly with sore muscles in tow

USA Trip 2008

We had an awesome time in America with family and friends!  Some of the highlights were riding tractors on the farm, camping, canoeing, fishing, going to the beach, playing golf & putt-putt, going to a race-track, picnicing, swimming in the creek, and catching creatures (caterpillars, frogs, turtles, lizards, fish, spiders, and beetles).  Here are a few pictures.  Click here for more.