Here’s a picture of my normal 5K run. I’ve been a bit lazy with running this summer, but building back up.  This northern Budapest run along the Csillaghegyi Duna part is great. Though I do miss the run around Margit Island (5.5 K) which we used to do (with my friend Péter), especially in the evenings when you can see the city lights.

With this run, I start from our house and run .75 K to the river. Then we go north on a running/bicycle path along the riverside for another 1.75 K before turning around. Seth and Jacob (on their bikes) are my usual companions, and they keep my pace steady. I run a lot slower without them! Today we made one of our fastest 5K times: 21:44.16. We’re aiming to break the 20 minute barrier. Just need to keep my legs healthy.  Anyone interested in the Budapest half marathon next weekend?


  1. Szia, I am an American living in Papa, Hungary. There is a new NAMA (branch of NATO) military installation here that has brought a large group of a American’s to this small Hungarian town.
    Anyway, some of the wives and I here are training for a half marathon in Slovenia this October 2009. I did a search for 5K’s in Hungary and your blog came up. We’re in desperate need for help with trails or short races around and I thought you may have suggestions. Papa is about 45 minutes south of Gyor (Gyor is directly between Budapest and Vienna) and we are about 45 minutes north of Balaton. We looked at running the Budapest half, but it has a time limit and I hate feeling rushed in races. Any suggestions would be great…colebecky@hotmail.com

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