Jacob’s Búcsúzó


  1. First of all, glad to see that you are guys are alive and well. It’s been a while.

    Second, I have to say that production is a lot more impressive than what Lily had after kindergarten. The boys didn’t look too enthusiastic about the dancing on one foot bit though.

    Finally, I am trying to conceive of a school having an open campfire here in Cary. I just can’t picture it. I think I may see Las Vegas-style neon in downtown Cary before we see an open campfire like that.

    It looked like a lot of fun!

  2. That’s a nice video and an even more amazing intercultural experience to watch. Funny to see the 6-year old “myself” singing an old Hungarian kids song that I can still remember and knowing that actually your American son is in the clip singing in Hungarian… wow :_)

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