I went running around Margaret Island tonight.  I had a good pace for the first 4 kilometers, and I picked up my speed for the final 1.5 kilometers.  The last 1 km is really dark.  There are no lights and lots of big trees.  I could hardly see, so I decided to close my eyes while I was running.  My goal was to close my eyes until I got really nervous about running into a tree or something.  Don’t worry, there were no collisions.  Of course, I could only keep my eyes closed for 4-5 seconds.  But hey, that’s a long time when your running.  And somehow I stayed in the middle of the track.  It was so cool.  But don’t try this at home. 

tartózkodási engedélyeink

We got our residency permits today!  Exhale.  Ahhhh.

~70 days + 30-some documents + 9 visits to government offices + ~12 hours of traveling to these offices + ~13 hours of waiting in lines + many hours of help from our friend Bob = 5 residency permits

Next April we can start the process all over again!  Actually, we learned some things about the process this year.  Hopefully things will be more efficient next year.  But no expectations!

grassy field

Yesterday evening, I took Laura and the boys up to Visegrad (35 minutes away) to explore a new hiking trail.  We found a trail map, then we found the trail and started hiking around the top of Mogyoróhegy.  After 20 minutes, the trail opened up into a grassy field on top of the mountain….it overlooked the Danube river and a couple mountain ranges in the distance.  Sweet.  There aren’t any huge mountains in our area, but this was still a spectacular view. 

We walked out into the field, and Laura and I just stood there taking in the view with an occasional deep sigh of enjoyment.  The kids were running circles around us, and we were just soaking in the view.

I find that there are some activities, some forms of “doing” that create in me a greater sense of “being.”  They cultivate in me a greater ability “to see” and a greater awareness of who I am, who I am not, the quality of my inner-life, my own “something-ness” or “nothing-ness,” my ability to be “human” or my tendency toward “dis-humanity.” 

There are some ways of “doing” that point toward (or flow out of) my “being.”  Hiking to this grassy field took some time and effort.  But it led to a grassy field.  Or was it my desire for something like a grassy field that produced the time and effort needed to hike?

back from Croatia

Last Saturday we left for Croatia at 4:48 AM.  At 5:04 AM, Jacob asked, “how much longer till we be there?”  It was an 11 hour trip.  There are some amazing tunnels along the way, including a 6 kilometer one.  10 minutes after arriving to our coastal apartment, we were in the water.  It was awesome. 


This was probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to.  The Adriatic was spectacular with a mountainous peninsula 5 kilometers opposite of us.  Our apartment faced south, so we could see both the sunrise and sunset from our terrace.  


Laura did an amazing job finding this place for us, and there was actually a sandy beach within walking distance.  The boys practiced their swimming everyday. 


There was also a soccer field just down the road.

krka national park

We took a day trip down to Krka national park, where we hiked around these water falls.  As an aside, Crotians have forgotten the importance of vowels in their language.  No human mouth can actually say “krka” without spitting. 


Oh, and remember these incredible spinning rides that we used to have on the playgrounds in America?  Those were the greatest.  I think they’re outlawed now. 

bbqOn Friday night, the community had a festival where they roasted a cow.  The boys had to watch this process for about an hour. 

bobi flippsCroatia has “Bobi Flips.”  They are peanut butter flavored puffy chips.  All in all, we had a fantastic time.  Of course when you have three little boys, the word “vacation” is pretty subjective.  The days of sitting on a beach with a good book are long gone.  BUT, there is still the opportunity to sit on a beach with some good Bobi flips.


Tomorrow morning we will drive to the Croatian coast for a week-long holiday!  The boys are really excited about it.  And so are we.  We’ve got a bunch of sand toys, a beach umbrella, two chairs, and a couple of good books.  I probably will not have easy access to the internet while in Croatia, but I’ll post some pictures when we return. 

lame blogging

My blogging has been lame lately.  Sorry!  Today I had the “opportunity” to go back to the infamous “BÁH” office (bevándorlási állampolgárság hivátal…the office that requires 24573 documents to prove that you are worth having in Hungary).  It appears that we’ll have to take the kids to the BÁH on August 11th or 14th to prove that they exist.  Hopefully we’ll have less than a 3 hour wait!  (Don’t worry, I’m not bitter:-)

We are getting really excited!  At 3:00 AM this coming Saturday, we’re going to drive to the Croatian coast for a week long vacation!  Whoa.  It’s about 8-9 hours away.  We’re staying in a little fishing village near Zadar, and there is actually a sandy beach (most Croatian beaches are pebble).  Oh my goodness, I can’t wait. 

We had a humongous rain/hail storm today.  In a matter of minutes Batthány utca turned into a river.  The hail was the size of a two Forint coin. 

Lastly, Laura and I had a conversation tonight in which I suggested that there has only been two, maybe three, movie sequals that were as good as the first movie (Star Wars, God Father, LOTR, Pink Panther).  We haven’t seen the sequal to Pirates of the Carribean yet, but I’m counting on it to be a flop.  We’ll see!

recent pics

BalatonLast Saturday morning, we took a day trip to Lake Balaton.  We found this amazing little spot in Siofok.  Balaton is a very shallow lake, and you can walk 300 meters out into the water.  In this spot, the water was about knee-high for 100 meters.


Fagyi!  (Ice Cream)

in the tree

 Seth and Jacob are monkeys.

in the tree

 Smiling Monkey.


 Nathan is growing like crazy these days.


We’re so excited that we can get Watermelon in Hungary!  (Görögdinnye)