We recently discovered a helpful lotion for eczema.  Laura and Nathan both deal with eczema on their legs, and I know a couple friends are dealing with it as well.  The lotion we found is made by Eucerin, and it contains 10% urine.  🙂  We affectionately call it the “pee-pee lotion.”  It seems to have helped Nathan a bit.  Laci, I’d love to hear what has worked for you guys.

Mikulás Nap

As you know, December 6th is Mikulás (Nicholas) day, and we had a very special visit from Mikulás and the krampusz.  We didn’t realize that St. Nick actually lives in our neighborhood here in Budapest!!!  Thankfully, the boys received candy in their shoes this year instead of sticks or coals.  Here’s some pictures:  Our neighborhood Mikulás, the boys digging into their candy from Mikulás, Jacob decorating the Christmas tree, Thanksgiving dinner with Dori, Joanna, Krisztina, & Péter.