memoria mortis

Tonight I went to hear my friend Marci’s band at the Fészek Klub.  The band is called “Memoria Mortis” (“Remember Death” in Latin).  They’ve got a great sound and some really creative composition and lyrics.  It’s a blend of grundgy rock and jazz rythm and overtones (I think).  A few songs took me back to my Pink Floyd days and my Metallica days all at the same time.  Check out their blog.


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Be sure to read the comments under Breaking News to see Márk’s Szeged Fish Soup recipe!

Breaking News

record breaking Carp


Mikuska Márk has caught a record breaking Carp at Préri Lake this past Weekend.  Please be advised, these are human-eating fish.  So do not try this at home.

common carp

The scientific name for this fish is Cyprinus carpio, and it is also known as Carp, German carp, Mirror carp, Israeli carp.  The world record carp is actually 82 lbs. 3 oz and was caught in Romania.

Top Ten Articles

This is my 98th post! The thing I love the most about blogging is how it keeps us connected with friends…here in Budapest and around the world. In the near future my friend Matthew will help me rebuild and redesign this blog on a WordPress platform. Keep your eyes peeled!

In order to celebrate my first 100 posts I have selected my top ten favorite posts thus far. Here they are, in no particular order:

World Cup and a 5K race

The World Cup is in full swing, and everyone is feeling the buzz in Europe. Unfortunately America was crushed by Czech Republic yesterday 3-0. Dang it! Amazingly, there are 3.2 million fans in Germany now watching these games, and 30 million people around the world are following them as well. Whoa!

Péter and I ran in a 5K race on Sunday. We did it in 26 minutes! That is the faster than the speed of sound isn’t it? Actually it was a really fun experience. There was about 500 runners, most of them behind us. 🙂 Next on the list is a 10K. And after that a 40K (marathon)!


So I’ve been running lately, and even preparing to run in a couple distance races. I’m definitely not a runner, but it is growing on me. Now my brother Daniel is an incredible runner, and he competes (decathalon) for his university track team in Virginia. I need to get some major advice from him.

I’ve got my eye on running a marathon one day in the future. Have any of you done this? Here in Budapest, Margit Island is one of my favorite places, and Péter and I had a nice 5 kilometer run there tonight.

Here’s a cool article on “How to Run Faster.” I found this article and a lot of other really interesting things on this sight called Wikihow. Check it out!

“Stress + rest = improvement.”

average joe

My friend Michael is the lead singer for the U.S. Airforce Country Music Band. If you’d like to hear some of his music click here. You can even hear a home-recording of Michael’s song “Average Joe” with yours truly (me) playing guitar. We used to play a lot of music together when Michael was a student at North Carolina State University. Those were fun times!!

From what I understand, Michael and the band perform at the Capital, in the Pentagon, in the White House, and for dignitaries from all over the world. How cool is that!

Thanks Michael for the comments on the previous post!