English Trip 2007!

Here is a rare and valuable opportunity to practice and develop your English!!!

Travel to Pécs, Vukovar & Osijek (Croatia) with native English speakers.  Our 3.5 day trip will be filled with interesting conversations and adventurous opportunities.

You can expect BBQ’s, sightseeing, games, campfires, and lots of English conversation around intriguing topics like war, love, culture, leadership, and community.

We will also see life in a war-torn city of north-eastern Croatia and interact with students, professors and families from Vukovar and Osijek.

If you enjoy travel, meaningful conversation and cross-cultural exploration, then this is the trip for you!  Don’t miss it!  🙂

Some Details:  We will depart from Keleti pu. on Monday morning, July 2nd.  We will return to Keleti pu. on Thursday afternoon, July 5th.  The cost is approximately 7.000 HUF (For food and housing.  Train tickets are free!…provided by NexusEU, a European non-profit).

Registration is 2000 HUF by June 22nd.  Hurry.  Send an e-mail with your name and questions to Mark Newell –  MLNEWELL@GMAIL.COM


Pales Dori, 30-608-2506,  palesdori@googlemail.com

Mark Newell, 30-961-0659, MLNEWELL@GMAIL.COM

Overview of Schedule:

Monday, July 2nd –> Vukovar.  Tuesday, July 3rd –> Osijek.  Wednesday, July 4th –> Pécs.  Thursday, July 5th –> Travel back to Budapest.