Nov. 16-18 English Camp

This will be one of your best opportunities to practice and develop your English with a really fun team of visiting native English speakers.  Don’t miss it!  All students are welcome.


Dates: November 16-18 (We will depart Budapest between around 17:00 on Friday.  We will return to Budapest around 15:00 on Sunday.)
Location: The Dorcas Center (near Debrecen)
Price: 4900 Ft. (transportation, housing, food)
Who: 25-30 students from Corvinus University + 7 native English speakers from Canada, Virginia, and North Carolina. 
Transportation: We will travel by car.

What to Expect:
– A weekend full of English
– Lots of fun and crazy activities
– Enjoying nature
– Meaningful conversation

Unique Opportunity:
As a part of the English Camp, we have the opportunity to visit an orphanage for a couple hours on Saturday morning.  We will organize a big birthday party for all of the orphans, we’ll bring a few small presents, and we’ll play lots of balloon games.  Corvinus students could have the opportunity to teach some English words or to serve as translators for the English speakers.  I can’t wait!

If you would like to be on the organizing team for the English camp, just let us know!